A holiday to Egypt

When thinking about going on holiday, Egypt my not be the first place that comes to mind, but it can make for a beautiful holiday. Recently the UK has announced that it will resume flights to Sharm El Sheikh this summer (if the Pandemic restrictions allow it) following a four year ban due to safety concerns.

Egypt is a country that is steeped in history and has a lot to offer, but with the threats and trouble that has been going on in the country and its bordering countries, many Brits are put off visiting there.  Most parts of Egypt are safe to visit but you just need to be aware of what the rules are and understand it may be quite different to some other holidays you are used to.  You will find the latest travel information from the Travel Office on the government website which will show you if travel is advised or not.

Once in Egypt, you will often spend a lot of time at your resort or out on organised trips. Not many people tend to venture off into the town on their own. Often the hotel reps will organise trips into the local towns or to places of interest such as the Valley of the Kings or the pyramids. These organised trips are often considered much more safe than venturing off on your own.


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