Adventure theme parks

The UK has a wide range of theme parks suitable for adults and families of all ages. If you have children under 5 then you may want to visit one of the smaller theme parks designed specifically for their age range. Peppa Pig world is a fantastic places for youngsters to explore their first theme park in a fun and familiar setting. There are not only rides and outdoor parks to explore but also themed characters walking around waiting to have their photo taken with the children.

If you are unsure as to if your child will like a theme park then you could chose to go somewhere that not only offers rides but also an animal experience for example. West Midlands Safari park is a great day out for all. You can drive round the safari park in the comfort of your own vehicle and then chose to visit the theme park with rides and attractions at the end. They also have a life size dinosaur park that homes mechanical moving dinosaurs for the children to explore.


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