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The Perfect Vacation

We’re all pretty tired with our constant struggle at work and sometimes, the only way we get to rest is to go on an extended vacation. However, if you’re tired of going to the same old beach year after year, then perhaps a change in scenery and activity is in order. If you are interested in lush scenery, a relaxing trip, and a very long golf course, then going on an Algarve Golf Holiday is the best vacation you can get.

A Place Specializing in Golf

Golf is one of the most relaxing yet exciting sports around. It isn’t as physically taxing as other sports unlike football or tennis but still requires a great deal of skill as the game itself is a bit complex. The game may look simple: you hit the golf ball using a golf club and follow after it; hit it again and try to get it inside the hole. However, the amount of skill and finesse required to perfect this game is quite high so playing a lot of games is required to master the sport.

Enjoying the Algarve in the Sun

From windsurfing in to the Atlantic Ocean waters, sandy beaches and rocky coastlines to castles drawn from medieval times, Portugal is a destination worth discovering. Portugal is the Mediterranean country from the Atlantic Ocean and it’s offering a living history of an entire continent that it’s intact and well preserved by the people that are so welcoming and sentimental. From the rocky beaches of Cabo Vicente to the wide, sandy southern tourist area Algarve, Portugal offers unique vacations.

If you’ve ever wanted to spend your mornings in the most beautiful part of Portugal, now’s your chance. If you choose Algarve resort in southern Portugal it will be the best choice of your life. The length of the coastline is about 200 km and is a perfect area if you want a vacation in a select and intimate resort. Known to be the Earth Eternal Spring resort, Algarve can be visited throughout all the year. (more…)

Enjoy the Best of Luxury Africa Safari

Travelling to Africa is one of the best experiences you will ever get. This actually changes you forever as you get to explore the outdoor adventures that you will probably not find anywhere else in the world. This allows you to live in the sun for a while as you enjoy the breeze from the wind looking for lions and other wildlife on the boundless savannahs or watching nature take its course as wildebeests migrate from one country to another. You can enjoy all this and more without sacrificing on comfort as there are numerous luxury Africa safari options and some of the best include:

Segera retreats, Kenya 

Set on idyllic 60, 000 acre wildlife sanctuary in the Laikipia Plateau in Kenya this is the true retreat if there was ever one. Here you can enjoy blissful climate as you take a game drive or want to sleep under the stars. Each retreat has an open air Jacuzzi and a sundeck while the main lodge welcomes visitors with incredible spa facilities, gym, salt water pool and you can also practice yoga at sunset. Gourmet meals offered here are simple to die for. (more…)

Family Cycling holidays

A great adventure holiday with the family is a cycling one. You can do this type of holiday anywhere in the world, but why not cross the channel into France and stay closer to home. Depending on the age of your children you will probably plan this differently with young children compared to older teenagers.

The older your children, the more freedom you have to move as a whole family to different locations and travel further as you can transport your possessions personally attached to your bike to the next overnight stop. However, with younger children you may wish to book in with an adventure company to do this for you or you may just wish to have a stationary holiday, with day trips on the bikes.

Cycling along the west coast of France will enable you to stop off at the beaches along your way as well as some fine coastal cuisines and wines.

Visiting the Action-packed Algarve

The ‘Algarve’ refers to the area in the Southern region of Portugal’s main land. It is a place that golf lovers know too well. It covers over 5,400 square kilometres of land and is home to a number of tourist related activities which make up a big part of its economy in the summer.
The Algarve is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Portugal and even Europe. During the summer, which is the peak season, the large influx of foreigners looking to enjoy the famous Algarve Golfing Holidays causes the area’s population to triple. Tourism is therefore a major contributor to the Algarve’s summer economy.
It is an undeniable fact that the Algarve has some of the best golfing destinations not only in Europe, but the whole world making it the preferred holiday destination by some of the world’s top Golf professionals.