Author: Parker

Eating out when abroad

If you are looking to book a holiday aboard then you may have the choice as to whether to have all or some of your meals included within your stay or to go self catering and buy your food separately. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and you may decide to alternate your board type each time you go away. Some people say that they get bored eating in the same place day in day out when going all inclusive, so they opt for self catering. Before deciding, have a good look through the information for the resort. Find out how many restaurants are on site that are included in the all inclusive price and what types of food they serve.

If you decide to go self catering, do not forget to factor the cost of meals in to your holiday budget as this can very quickly add up. Spend a bit of time before you go researching local restaurants and reading reviews. Social media sites and places like Trip Advisor are often good for finding out what people really think of a place. If it is a popular restaurant then you may even want to book a table in advance to secure your booking prior to going.

The cost of a self catering holiday abroad

Many of us look forward to a good holiday in the sun, but the preparation for a holiday can be quite stressful and this starts immediately when looking where and when you want to go. If you have a short list of places that you want to go for have a look around and compare some prices. Try altering your dates, if possible by a week or two to see if that makes a massive difference to the price.  Once you find a place, If you haven’t been to that resort before, it is always recommended to read up on plenty of reviews to try and get a true idea of what you can expect.

There are a number of choices when it comes to holidays such as the board type. These usually consist of self catering, half board, full board or all inclusive. Self catering holidays are often the cheapest upfront but you do need to bear in mind that you will have to pay for all food and drinks as and when you have them.

You need to try and work out how much you are likely to spend on food and drink when you are away and if it may be worth going all inclusive instead. This option often works out best for families with children who may want a lot of snacks and drinks throughout the day.


Saving money on food when on holiday

If you are going on holiday and do not have any meals included in your trip then you can often expect to spend up to £100 per day on food and drinks for a family of four. This amount can quickly rise if you are having bottles of wine with evening meals or three courses when eating out. With this in a mind, a cheap 3 night getaway can very quickly become and expensive trip and this is one of the things that many people forget to budget in when away.

Depending on what accommodation you have, you may be able to take food to make whilst you are there. Taking cereals, bread for toast of croissants can save a family of four around £10 – £15 a day compared to eating out for breakfast. This is also true when it comes to eating lunch. A simple sandwich, fruit and crisps can cost less than £2 per person compared to £5- £10 per person is opting for a pub lunch.

If you do not fancy doing a food shop and taking it all with you, then look around for a local supermarket before you go and once you have unpacked, go and buy just enough food to get you through the time you are there.


Booking day trips when abroad

If you are going abroad this year and thinking of booking a few days trips then you may be tempted to boo direct with your tour operator. Although this may be the most risk free way of booking and you will be able to sort out all the arrangements prior to going, it is certainly not the cheapest and may mean that you do not get such a personal experience as booking with a local company. If you are adamant that you want luxury, everything to go to schedule and to know that your trip is booked with ahead of time, then you will probably be best to book direct with the tour operator. If you don’t mind things maybe being a little more relaxed and are happy to be transported in smaller vehicles with a local tour guide then why not shop around for a company that is in the area. These types of companies often know the areas better, know where to go for the best viewing and may even be able to throw in a few extras free of charge.

You can still book trips with third party tour companies prior to travel allowing you to pay on a credit card giving you that little bit more reassurance that you are covered should they not turn up etc.



Booking overnight accommodation

If you have been invited to a wedding, have to stay away for a night on business or are going to visit a friend or family member then you may look to book a hotel or B and B for one night. When looking at places to stay, there are some things you need to consider which could impact the price and availability.

Ideally you want to book your hotel as early as possible to secure a good price and to ensure you have somewhere to stay. This is especially true for weekends or school holidays when places often get booked up pretty quickly.

When shopping around be sure to check if one night stays are an option at your chosen accommodation as some places will have a minimum two night stay policy. Have a look on some of the comparison sites such as and to try and find the best deal but before you book remember to ring the venue directly as they will often be able to undercut the price you have been quoted.

If you are going to a specific place, then be sure to check how far the hotel is away from where you need to get to and if you are not going to be driving, check there is adequate transport to and from the destination.