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Is this your first safari holiday adventure?

Taking a safari holiday for the first time is an exciting adventure but it can also be a bit of a stressful time as you try to come up with the best places to visit, what you want to see and what you will need to pack. It is a sensible idea to do a spot of research before you book your adventure on the best places to visit so here are a few ideas to get you started.

If you are a keen photographer, you will probably want to visit the Masai Mara in Kenya where you will be able to see the spectacular wildlife and be in awe of the incredible landscapes whereas should you be interested in the cultural aspect of the area you will be able to visit ancient rock paintings and experience tribal life with all its customs and traditions.

Getting to see the Big 5 in their natural habitat is the highlight of any safari adventure and the well-trained guides will be able to help you see as much of the wildlife as possible whilst also keeping you and your party safe.

Packing for your safari may make you feel unsure on what you will need but the key word is comfort. Long sleeved cotton tops and either shorts or linen trousers will be the most comfortable daywear and good quality walking shoes are essential.

Plan your adventure holiday now

Many families enjoy going on an adventure holiday every year and prefer this to a more relaxed getaway. An adventure holiday may be taken abroad and may be the ultimate adventure, a safari. This type of holiday, although expensive could be a really memorable experience for all the family and enable you all to see the amazing wildlife such as lions, elephants and rhino from the safety of a guided safari drive through the game reserves. Accommodation can be either in a well-appointed hotel many with luxury spa facilities or in a safari lodge where you and your family get to enjoy a real safari experience and dine under the stars.

If a safari holiday is either out of your reach financially or you are concerned about the safety of your family when on a safari, amazing adventure holidays can be enjoyed closer to home. Centre Parcs and other similar centres offer a whole host of activities for the fun-loving family from high wire walkways to cycle paths through the forests. Activities such as archery, climbing walls and abseiling are available to book and under the guidance of trained instructors you can be sure your family will be safe on their adventure holiday. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning now.

Getting organised for a camping holiday

Camping holidays can be great fun but often they require a lot more planning and preparation. Packing for a camping holiday can be a bit of a nightmare as you often do not know what the weather is going to be like so have to pack for every eventuality.

Ideally you want to book camping holidays more last minute so if you check and the weather is looking like it’s going to be beautiful for the next few weeks, then you may want to try and find a cheap camping holiday you can book. With camping holidays, you often need to take more than you would than if you were staying in a hotel. Trying to fit all of your luggage as well as a tent into your car may be a struggle. You may want to consider hiring a bigger vehicle or even taking two cars with you. You can also opt for a roof bag which can give you double the space you had before. Some don’t even require a roof rack and instead come with a mat that sits on your roof.

When packing the car you need to think about safety. It is important that you can still see out of the rear of the vehicle and that there is nothing that could fall on someone and hurt them when driving.

Holidays to America form the UK are back

After almost two years of disruption with holidays to America due to the Covid outbreak, they have finally opened their borders once again and are welcoming back people from the UK. This is a fantastic moment for many holiday goers who regularly have trips out to the USA and also those who may have family and friends that they have not been able to go out and see. President Biden said last month that a ban on British holidaymakers would be scrapped, and the date has now been set for the 8th November.

Although people will now be allowed back in to the country there are still some rules and regulations in place. Under the new rules, fully-vaccinated passengers will be allowed to enter the country although they’ll still need to show a negative Covid test certificate, issued within 72 hours of travel.

When the US closed their borders, many businesses were hit and suffered huge financial losses. This news has been a long time coming for many who are now looking forward to being able to welcome much needed tourists back to give their business the boost it needs to survive.

The rules could well change again but many are hoping to get in a quick visit before Christmas.

Making memories on a family holiday

So many of us have missed out on family holidays over the last couple of years due to the Covid outbreak. It may have been that you had holidays booked which should of taken place during the first lockdown but had to be cancelled. Many people then rebooked these only to have them cancelled again. It may be at that point you gave up and instead asked for a refund.

Holidays should be a time for the family to forget about their day to day life and enjoy spending some quality time together. Holidays don’t have to cost thousands and you usually find that holidays that children enjoyed the best were ones that didn’t cost a lot of money and where they have done lots of activities together. Making memories is so important and after the holiday has ended, you can still keep your memories with you.

If you are going with another family or group of friends then you may want to consider hiring a villa or a cottage which will accommodate a few families. Although these may seem expensive, when you actually work out the cost per person, they can work out cheaper than having separate apartments.