Author: Parker

Snorkelling – a great holiday activity

Whether you are in the UK or have travelled further afield snorkelling can be great fun for all the family. The only skill that you need is to be able to swim and even then you can snorkel in shallow water if you are not a strong swimmer.

Some of the best places to go snorkelling are places where the sea is warmer so there are lots of fish and other sea creatures to spot amongst the rocks and seaweed. Places like any of the Greek islands or around turkey are great as the variety of creatures you see is quite vast and you may even spot a sea turtle!

At most holiday destinations they offer guided snorkelling trips which are great as the will know where to go to get the best snorkelling experience. They also sometimes do boat trips out where they will stop at an area of water that is idea for seeing turtles or more exotic looking fish.

These trips are usually much cheaper than scuba diving as well as safer and can be done by all the family.

Pony trekking – the perfect activity for a family holiday

Being on holiday with all the family it can be difficult to find activities that everyone can take part in. But what better way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings alongside your family than pony trekking?

Pony trekking is a great family activity that can be suitable for all, even beginners who have never ridden before. The trips are led by experienced riders who can help you and give you riding tips as well as give you the confidence to enjoy the trip.

The treks are all pre-planned and designed to take you around a safe route that is suitable for riding on and will allow you to see the best scenery on the way.

The activity usually lasts most the day and is great to follow up with a family picnic in the outdoors. Some of the courses also include a session where you can learn to care for the horses with things such as grooming lessons and riding training also.

All in all a great family day out as part of your holiday.


Skiing activity holidays in Canada

When booking a skiing holiday to Canada you may already have ideas about what to expect. Nothing can really prepare you for the thrill and exhilaration that you will endure when you are actually there. The vast mountain ranges and snow capped peaks certainly offer breath taking views for anyone venturing to Canada.

Skiing in Canada is a totally different holiday to that of one where you spend hours relaxing by the pool or on a sun kissed beach, but this is no reason not to try it. Many people chose to alternate the types of holidays they go on as to be able to enjoy the best of both without blowing the budget.

One of the great things about Skiing in Canada is that it is something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and experience and you can separate to go on different parts of the mountains to suit your confidence and ability level.

Family holidays to America

Family holidays are a fantastic way for everyone to spend time together doing something they enjoy. If you have children that are a little bit older, then America is a great location for a holiday.

Whilst there, you can choose to do so many different activities that the possibilities are endless and you will probably want to go back again and again to go to the places you did not get chance to first time round. With the Warner Brothers Studios, Walt Disney land and the Universal studios, it will certainly be a holiday to remember and one that you can guarantee that your children will not be bored on.

Although these types of holidays can be expensive it is best to do your research before you go. You may find that you can save money quite a bit of money on the entrance fees to many places by booking your tickets in advance.