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Adventure theme parks

The UK has a wide range of theme parks suitable for adults and families of all ages. If you have children under 5 then you may want to visit one of the smaller theme parks designed specifically for their age range. Peppa Pig world is a fantastic places for youngsters to explore their first theme park in a fun and familiar setting. There are not only rides and outdoor parks to explore but also themed characters walking around waiting to have their photo taken with the children.

If you are unsure as to if your child will like a theme park then you could chose to go somewhere that not only offers rides but also an animal experience for example. West Midlands Safari park is a great day out for all. You can drive round the safari park in the comfort of your own vehicle and then chose to visit the theme park with rides and attractions at the end. They also have a life size dinosaur park that homes mechanical moving dinosaurs for the children to explore.

The Perfect Vacation

We’re all pretty tired with our constant struggle at work and sometimes, the only way we get to rest is to go on an extended vacation. However, if you’re tired of going to the same old beach year after year, then perhaps a change in scenery and activity is in order. If you are interested in lush scenery, a relaxing trip, and a very long golf course, then going on an Algarve Golf Holiday is the best vacation you can get.

A Place Specializing in Golf

Golf is one of the most relaxing yet exciting sports around. It isn’t as physically taxing as other sports unlike football or tennis but still requires a great deal of skill as the game itself is a bit complex. The game may look simple: you hit the golf ball using a golf club and follow after it; hit it again and try to get it inside the hole. However, the amount of skill and finesse required to perfect this game is quite high so playing a lot of games is required to master the sport.

Holiday activity clubs

When holidaying with young children it can be hard to keep them entertained all the time. It may be that this is the only break you get from work or from looking after the children, so it seems fair that you also need some down time and time to do activities you enjoy.

Holiday clubs are a fantastic idea, allowing the parents and children to have fun whilst also having time to themselves. Many holiday resorts offer holiday clubs where children can go along for a few hours and spend time doing activities such as painting, treasure hunting and water sports.

With parents having a few hours to venture out and do something they enjoy, or just relax in the room or caravan, these holiday clubs are a must for families.

Often holiday clubs are included in the price you pay for the stay, but if not they do not usually cost very much.

Crab fishing holidays

If you are looking for an activity for all the family to join in when away on holiday then crab fishing is definitely something you should try. Crab fishing can be done at many seaside locations around the country and is usually carried out on a pier. Cromer and Shell Island are both famous for its excellent crab fishing locations and many people flock there each year because of it.

Unlike fishing, crab fishing can be seen as less cruel and even the most inexperienced crab fisher can catch something. The bait you use is often a big factor when it comes to crabs and also the location in which you position yourself.

With little ones fascinated by the crabs and adults enjoying the competitive side to the experience it really is a great day out for all the family and best of all, it hardly costs anything to do. You can even fish with left over fish or bacon!



Organised adventure holidays

With many people looking for something a little bit more thrilling than a beach holiday, holiday tour operators have started to offer organised adventure holiday package.

The tour operator will sit down with you and discuss where you want to go, how long for and who with. They will then recommend a list of activities you can do in a particular area and together you can create your own personalised holiday plan. They will often even organise your transport to and from the place where the activities is and your accommodation settings.

These types of holidays are not cheap but as you have tailor made the holiday yourself, you can relax knowing what you have got to look forward too. These are great types of holidays to book for couples on honeymoon as you also get time to bond whilst on an adventure holiday and can even schedule in a bit of time for sun bathing on the beach or a sport of shopping.