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Where to holiday in the UK

If you are thinking of booking a holiday in the UK then you need to consider carefully where you are going to stay. The UK has some lovely beauty spots and fascinating locations but you may find that some are more suited to your type of holiday than others.

If you are looking to go in the summer and hope to have some nice weather then you are probably better aiming to go down south. Places such as Cornwall and Dorset are often the warmest seaside resorts as they are a little bit further down the country. Of course there are times when the weather is awful in the south but on average they tend to have warmer weather than the further north you go.

If you are not too concerned about the weather but rather the activities you can do then you may opt for a different location. Although Cornwall and Dorset are all very beautiful places and have plenty to do, they can get a little over crowded in the height of the summer and some people find them too commercialised. IF you enjoy walking and sight seeing then Wales or Scotland may be the perfect trip. Wales has some beautiful walks that can be done and some quaint little towns that you can explore.

Are you in need of a bargain family holiday?

Are you looking for that last minute deal that wont break the bank, or maybe you are happy to book in advance if it secures you a good price?

When looking for a holiday, many of us are driven by the price and what the payment options are for the holiday.

There are a number of ways in which you can book a holiday. You may decide to go in to a travel agency and book it that way or perhaps you book through an agency but online. You may even decide to use one of the many discount sites that offer really low cost holidays but often with many restrictions in place. If you do decide to book through a discount site you need to be sure that you read the small print carefully. Often the reason they can offer the holidays so cheap are is that it does not include flight extras such as baggage etc.  Also, you can normally only use these vouchers on specific dates which may fall outside of school holidays, which is not ideal if you are going on a family holiday.

Make sure when comparing prices of holidays through different tour operators that you are comparing like for like. Check that baggage allowance and transfers to and from the airport are the same.

Getting ready for your summer vacation

A holiday should be a time when you can get away with loved ones or friends and spend some quality time together. Many of us like to try and go on holiday at least once a year and may have had to miss out last year due to the pandemic. If you are looking to holiday in the UK then you will be lucky to get anything now if you have not already booked in advance. With tight rules and regulations still in place regarding travel abroad, many people decided to stay closer to home this year. The weather so far has been quite pleasant and we have had some days of extreme heat but it can be very unpredictable and can change quickly. Having to book so far in advance means you cannot check what the weather is likely to be before you go so you need to pack for every eventuality.

If you are camping, then you need to be even better prepared than if you were in a hotel as the bad weather can make things very difficult. Try and prepare yourself for bad weather and then you will feel happy if you get a few nice days.

What to pack for a holiday in the UK

So many of us have had to give up on a holiday abroad for a staycation in the UK. The UK has some really beautiful spots but often the thing that puts people off holidaying here is the weather. It can be very unpredictable year upon year. Some years the month of august is hot and relatively dry, others it can feel like winter is already well on its way.

If you have booked a holiday in the UK for later on in the year you may be starting to think about what you will need to take with you. Really you need to pack for lots of different scenarios. Even checking the weather before you go will give you no guarantees as to what it is actually going to be like when your there, as the forecast can change very quickly.

Make sure that you pack plenty of layers, especially for young children who may feel the cold more than us adults. Leggings, t-shirts and hoodies are always a good call as they can be worn in warm or wet weather and unlike jeans, are not too uncomfortable should they get wet.

If going camping, always pack your wellies as the grass can be very wet in the morning and you may want to pop them on to walk to the toilets.

Should you go abroad now?

The Prime Minster has given the green light on holidays to a handful of countries that he deems are low risk. Not many of these places are popular holiday destinations so Brits are really limited on where they can and cannot go. Despite the UK’s strict policies on travel, some countries are not quite as firm and many have now said they will start allowing people from the UK back in without having to have tests or prove they have had the vaccine. The Prime Minister has asked people not to go to these places, but after being cooped up for more than 12 months it is not surprising that people are desperate to get away.

Currently countries on the amber list should only be travelled to in situations where there is an exceptionally good reason to such as for a medical procedure. Although the government has advised again travel to these areas, they cannot really enforce it.

If you are planning a trip to a country on the amber list you do need to check any restriction that may be in place and also what you need to do upon your return. You should also take the time to check through your insurance policy for the holiday and find out exactly what is and isn’t covered under it.