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What’s the perfect children’s holiday?

When we are little our opinions of what is fun does not vary as much as when we are older. As a child even the simplest of things can be a great adventure and stay with us for a long time. Recent surveys have shown that a child would describe their perfect holiday as one where they have all their family and get to play in the sand.

We often over complicate things and assume that our family holidays need to be packed full of theme parks, exciting sightseeing, fun fairs and eating out, but for a child they are often happiest sitting on a beach, playing in the sand with an ice cream. Children don’t always need expensive trips out and action packed days, just a day with the people they love the most, having fun. Camping holidays are often a great adventure for children of all ages and makes memories that last a lifetime.

Next time you go to book a holiday for you and your family, why not ask your child what their perfect holiday would be, you may be surprised at their answer.



Holidays for children of varying ages

If you are trying to plan a family holiday and have children of different ages then you may struggle when it comes to choosing where to go and what activities to do. A three year old will have a different idea of fun to a thirteen year old and you want to be able to try and please both whilst still enjoying the holiday yourself.

If there are two adults going it may be that for one or two days of the holiday you do separate activities that each child will enjoy. You could also try and find activities that vary dependant on ages such as a rock climbing centre which has a toddler wall and a teenage wall.

Try and enjoy the simple pleasures. Research shows that the majority of children enjoy spending time on the beach when on holiday at varying ages. If your child is younger then they will most likely want to stay very close to you and have you join in with them, older children may be able to go a little further afield and explore rock pools or go for a paddle, knowing that you are still close by.

Holidays are often a rare break away from technology so lave the Ipads and DVD players at home and spend the time outdoors as much as you can.


Daunting family holidays?

Many parents worry about taking that first family holiday with young children or babies. They may have read numerous horror stories about babies crying for 6 hours slid on a flight to their destination or from children who refuse to eat in the onsite restaurants due to the different types of food on offer.

With the correct planning and preparation, no parent need fear the family holidays, instead it should be a time to look forward to and enjoy relaxing together.

Children need routine and therefore you need to make plans ahead of time. Do not leaving bookings for accommodation, travel etc down to the last minute… book ahead and give yourself time to do some research so you know what facilities you can expect.

Allowing your child to play on a tablet or laptop, may be enough to keep them entertained on long car journeys or flights where entertainment may be limited, although this should not exceed 30 min bursts, often a short time is enough to take their mind off the trip.


Getting ready for a camping / caravanning holiday

If you are going on a camping / caravanning holiday then you may need to start packing a little bit earlier than if you were going to be staying in a hotel or resort.

Food can be a huge expense when staying away especially if you have to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have the facilities to cook and prepare food then you should try and take some food with you and /or find a large supermarket to stock up on supplies.

Buying food from on site shops is often not the cheapest way to fill your fridge. You may have many items already in your cupboard at home that you can take with you to cook.

The more money you can save on food the more you can spend on entertainment and just save towards your nest holiday. Even taking items such as salt and pepper and washing up liquid will save you having to buy new ones.



Sight-seeing holidays

If you are looking for a holiday that allows you to really explore the area in which you are staying then a sight-seeing holiday may be for you. Even if you have not much experience in walking holidays or do not want to spend the whole time on foot, you can certainly add some sight-seeing in to any trip you do.

If you want a holiday that is particularly focused on sightseeing then you may wish to book with a company such as Ramblers. They have prearranged trips and vacations that are set up to allow you to explore the local area and history in detail. Often you will be put in to small groups and will have a tour guide with you that will talk you through the places of interest.

These holidays can be enjoyed as a family, as a group of friends, as a couple but also on your own as you will often get to meet new people within your group.