City breaks for adventure

When we think of an adventure holiday, our first thought might be to head for the great outdoors however, many cities in the UK have attractions that offer adventurous activities that all the family from the youngest to the oldest can get involved in. One such place is The Royal Armouries in Leeds.

The Armouries is a national museum of arms and armour and at first you may wonder whether the experience will be entertaining, but the variety and time span of the exhibits on show make this a surprisingly enjoyable visit.

Where the Armouries really comes into its own is the hands-on approach they have to many of the artefacts and the entertaining presentations they deliver, sword fighting being one of them.

For the youngest members of the family there is an area called the Jester’s Yard with soft play climbing blocks and the opportunity to dress up as a prince or princess.

Older children and adults can try their hand at firing a crossbow in the specially adapted firing range.

For many visitors, the most amazing exhibit is in the Oriental Gallery where the full-size elephant armour is displayed.

You can be certain that whether young or old the Royal Armouries will give you an adventurous day out in Leeds.


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