Could you still get away this Christmas?

Many people are dying to get away, it may not even be that you want to go abroad just that you fancy a change of scenery. At the moment, when England is set to come out of lockdown many of us should be able to go and stay away overnight (depending on what tier you are in) but as the rules are changing almost daily it may not be wise to book anything yet unless you can cancel with no fees to pay.

Places such as Butlins are hoping to welcome people back from early December but it is likely tp be a very different experience to what you may have been used to if you have been before.

Why not just book a few days down by the cost where you can go for walks along the beach and curl up and watch a film in the evening? It may be that Scotland and Wales have different rules to the rest of England and therefore you may not be able to visit these countries even if you are allowed to travel.

If you cannot get away this year, then why not start to plan for next year. Although no one knows exactly what the situation will be there is no harm in planning.


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