Getting ready for your summer vacation

A holiday should be a time when you can get away with loved ones or friends and spend some quality time together. Many of us like to try and go on holiday at least once a year and may have had to miss out last year due to the pandemic. If you are looking to holiday in the UK then you will be lucky to get anything now if you have not already booked in advance. With tight rules and regulations still in place regarding travel abroad, many people decided to stay closer to home this year. The weather so far has been quite pleasant and we have had some days of extreme heat but it can be very unpredictable and can change quickly. Having to book so far in advance means you cannot check what the weather is likely to be before you go so you need to pack for every eventuality.

If you are camping, then you need to be even better prepared than if you were in a hotel as the bad weather can make things very difficult. Try and prepare yourself for bad weather and then you will feel happy if you get a few nice days.


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