Making memories on a family holiday

So many of us have missed out on family holidays over the last couple of years due to the Covid outbreak. It may have been that you had holidays booked which should of taken place during the first lockdown but had to be cancelled. Many people then rebooked these only to have them cancelled again. It may be at that point you gave up and instead asked for a refund.

Holidays should be a time for the family to forget about their day to day life and enjoy spending some quality time together. Holidays don’t have to cost thousands and you usually find that holidays that children enjoyed the best were ones that didn’t cost a lot of money and where they have done lots of activities together. Making memories is so important and after the holiday has ended, you can still keep your memories with you.

If you are going with another family or group of friends then you may want to consider hiring a villa or a cottage which will accommodate a few families. Although these may seem expensive, when you actually work out the cost per person, they can work out cheaper than having separate apartments. 


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