Playa de Muro, Majorca

Playa de Muro is known as Majorca’s peaceful region, and it certainly a location that’s designed to provide  relation at its finest. If you enjoy fishing, then there are many traditional villages to visit, and it certainly doesn’t feel like a tourist holiday destination.

There’s also a nearby national park where you can check out the superb wildlife Majorca has to offer, while stretches of beaches are not hard to come by. The waters are really nice and clear in Majorca, making it an optimum location for snorkeling, while there are plenty of pubs and restaurant in Playa de Muro.

Many people visit Majorca for their summer holidays and a trip to Playa de Murco can mean you get peaceful surroundings, a relaxing holiday, and superb weather.

Holiday in Mauritius

A holiday in Mauritius not only guarantees hot weather, blue waters and golden sands, there are also plenty of cultures too. In Mauritius you’re likely to hear English French, Creole and Hindi among many other languages, and it’s a place really like no other.

The North Coast is the top location if you’re looking lively night life and a wide selection of bars, clubs and restaurants. If you’re seeking peace and privacy, then you may want to consider the West Coast, where there are fish ponds, exotic flowers and scenery as well as ruins.

In Mauriitus the many different cultures means therer are foods are like no other while you won’t have to look far to find high quality accommodation and friendly local people, and you’re guaranteed superb sunny weather all year round.

The Larnaca region of Cyprus

The Larnaca region of Cyprus is one of the most popular areas, and one of the main benefits is the stretch of Ayia Napa. This is a favourite location for many British clubbers, but it also benefits from a superb stretch of beaches and old towns.

There is also a popular waterpark while white sand beach nearby is one of the most visited stretches. The Larnaca region also benefits from very shallow waters, and you can hundreds of meters away from the shore, only to find the water is at the same level as your leg.

Hot weather is guaranteed if you visit in the months of June, July, August and September, while the coldest month tends to be January with temperatures remaining around 12 degrees. Cyprus is more than a big island it’s a country, and the Larnaca region is one of the most exciting areas to visit.

Take the family to Thailand

Why not try something different? Take your family on a back-packing adventure to South-East Asia! Thailand is a fantastic place for families because there is so much to see. Kids are never bored. There are basically two ways to explore with a family: start in the capital city Bangkok and then head out to the islands like Krabi, Koh Muk or Phuket.

Bangkok, the city of extremes, will never disappoint. Embrace the Thai culture in the exquisite temples , catch a tuk-tuk and ride through the bustling city or visit the shopping facilities that Bangkok now boasts : luxury malls, global branded stores, homegrown boutique labels and world-class design at Siam Shopping Mall. Despite relentless development, Bangkok never ceases to amaze.

Most of Thailand’s beauty is hidden in the islands circled by a halo of tropical turquoise waters. Railay is one of Thailand’s most popular beach resort destinations and is replete with white sand beaches, beautiful islands, verdant forests, caves and waterfalls. Phuket, home to the making of James Bond, is just a short flight from Bangkok as this exotic paradise has its own airport! Once you’ve managed to prise your kids away from the swimming pools and the  play areas take your kids and try out some water sports , visit the local water park or treat your family to a day tour hosted by smiling Thais like Elephant Trekking. Rub those disbelieving eyes. Yes. You are sitting aloft a 10ft elephant. Yes, that is a real monkey, sitting on your actual shoulder. And yes, in the mysterious Golden Triangle, the animals come out to see you. Well, you are jungle-trekking royalty. Witness all of these things for real and not in your fantasy, the memories you decide to make will be imperishable.

Biking Through France

The most famous bike race throughout the world is the tour de France, and it is quite easy for anybody interested in biking to travel along the same path as all the professionals take. This bike ride, whether you take a more leisurely time to do it, or if you want to really challenge yourself, takes you throughout France, giving you the opportunity to see the natural beauty present there. The tour de France is known for taking you along a pathway which exposes you to some of the greatest locations in France. If a typical holiday is something which you have tired of, travelling by bike may be the best option for you to have a new type of holiday. There are holiday packages which actually offer to take you along the same bike trail as the Tour de France, and joining that is a great way to have company on your journey.