Holiday activity planning

If you are looking to go on holiday or have booked a holiday then you may want to consider what type of activities (if any) you may want to do. For some people, activities couldn’t be further from their mind, and they would be quite happy to start at the resort or on the beach for the duration of their trip whereas for others, they want to use a holiday as a chance to explore and try new things.

Once you have chosen your location do a bit of research to find out what is local to you. There may be some great activities to do right on your door step. Often booking activities in advance rather than paying on the door can save you quite a bit of money and also time, whist also giving you something else to look forward to.

Pre planning can allow you time to compare prices and arrange transport to and from the destination if needed.

Entertainment on a family holiday

I recently took my partner and two children on a family holiday to Newquay. Upon arriving at the campsite, we were asked if we wished to purchase entertainment passes. The cost of the entertainment passes were £10 each for adults and children and therefore added quite a chunk on to our holiday.

The entertainment passes were required to use the on site club house (which hosted the evening entertainment), the swimming pool and also the games room. Not wanting to not have access to these facilities we forked out £40 for the four of us to have a pass each.

The entertainment passes in my opinion were not worth it and should I be visiting again, would not be happy in paying for them. The evening entertainment was ok for the children but the adults left a lot to be desired. The toilets and other facilities on site were not very clean and often out of use and the swimming pool (which we only visited once) was cold. Over all we felt we did not get use of our entertainment passes during our stay and could not see where the money had been spent. If you are offered the passes, why not see if you can purchase them at a later date if required as you may not spend too much time on the site to get your money’s worth.


Getting ready for a camping / caravanning holiday

If you are going on a camping / caravanning holiday then you may need to start packing a little bit earlier than if you were going to be staying in a hotel or resort.

Food can be a huge expense when staying away especially if you have to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have the facilities to cook and prepare food then you should try and take some food with you and /or find a large supermarket to stock up on supplies.

Buying food from on site shops is often not the cheapest way to fill your fridge. You may have many items already in your cupboard at home that you can take with you to cook.

The more money you can save on food the more you can spend on entertainment and just save towards your nest holiday. Even taking items such as salt and pepper and washing up liquid will save you having to buy new ones.



Sight-seeing holidays

If you are looking for a holiday that allows you to really explore the area in which you are staying then a sight-seeing holiday may be for you. Even if you have not much experience in walking holidays or do not want to spend the whole time on foot, you can certainly add some sight-seeing in to any trip you do.

If you want a holiday that is particularly focused on sightseeing then you may wish to book with a company such as Ramblers. They have prearranged trips and vacations that are set up to allow you to explore the local area and history in detail. Often you will be put in to small groups and will have a tour guide with you that will talk you through the places of interest.

These holidays can be enjoyed as a family, as a group of friends, as a couple but also on your own as you will often get to meet new people within your group.


Choosing your accommodation

When it comes to booking accommodation for your break away, you need to decide what the most important factor is for you. If you are just wanting to find a clean and quiet place to get your head down after a night out or a late shift at work, then cost and location will probably be top of the list. If however you are wanting to go somewhere that you can relax in the bar or enjoy time chilling out in the spa then the facilities will probably be important.

Many B and B’s have a policy where you have to be in by a certain time before the doors are locked, this is especially true if the B and B is also someone’s home. Compared this to a hotel where most have 24 hour reception and check in desks, making them more convenient if you need to check in late in the evening or early in the morning.