Holidays in the UK are under high demand

If you are wanting to book a holiday in the UK this year, then you need to ensure that you do it quickly to avoid disappointment. With many holidays abroad cancelled for another summer, people are desperate to get away and a holiday in the UK may be the most straight forward option. It is likely that it will be possible to go abroad later on this year, but no one knows exactly when and what restrictions may be in place. It could be that isolation hotels are still very much in place of that you need to have had your Covid vaccine before you can travel.

Hotels, B and B’s, cottages and campsites are really booking up fast and already many holiday providers are stating that they are already fully booked or almost full. This increase in demand has also seen an increase in price. Many holiday destinations are reporting an increase of well over 50% in prices compared to the previous two years. It is probable that some social distancing measures may still be in place and therefore resorts can not open to full capacity which only adds to the problem of limited spaces and availability.

A holiday to Egypt

When thinking about going on holiday, Egypt my not be the first place that comes to mind, but it can make for a beautiful holiday. Recently the UK has announced that it will resume flights to Sharm El Sheikh this summer (if the Pandemic restrictions allow it) following a four year ban due to safety concerns.

Egypt is a country that is steeped in history and has a lot to offer, but with the threats and trouble that has been going on in the country and its bordering countries, many Brits are put off visiting there.  Most parts of Egypt are safe to visit but you just need to be aware of what the rules are and understand it may be quite different to some other holidays you are used to.  You will find the latest travel information from the Travel Office on the government website which will show you if travel is advised or not.

Once in Egypt, you will often spend a lot of time at your resort or out on organised trips. Not many people tend to venture off into the town on their own. Often the hotel reps will organise trips into the local towns or to places of interest such as the Valley of the Kings or the pyramids. These organised trips are often considered much more safe than venturing off on your own.

Family holidays are needed more than ever

Throughout 2020 many holidays were cancelled I postponed due to Covid and the restrictions. There were brief moments when you were allowed to go on holiday but the advice was ever changing and those that went away often said that it was nothing like it usually was.

Holidays are important as they allow people to spend time together doing things they enjoy and away from the stresses of everyday life. It may be that in some families, holidays are one of the only times they all get to spend quality time together as with school, work and other commitments, it can be hard to have that otherwise.

At present we are in lockdown so unable to go ok holiday, but There is nothing stopping you booking a holiday for later on this year but you do need to be aware that with everything so uncertain, it is possible that it will have to be changed or cancelled again. Always ensure that you will be entitled to a refund should you not be able to move the holiday to another date.

Prices for holidays are likely to soar once things do open up so booking early may allow you to secure a lower price.

Family get togethers over the festive holidays

Christmas is creeping upon us fast and with Covid restrictions looking likely to be lifted slightly for a few days, many families are looking forward to being able to spend some quality time together. It may be that you have decided you want to go away for a few days or perhaps you would rather spend the day with friends. Christmas has always been a time to spend with family and friends but this year feels very different and like no other.

IF you are worried about choosing between people to see due to the household limits then you may actually decide it is better not to see anyone. This may be nice if you have children of your own or if you have a partner to spend the special day with but if you live on your own this can be very lonely.

A Christmas mini break in the UK may be the idea option for those who want to spend it on their own but not just sat in their house. There are some great deals on mini breaks but be sure to check which tier the place is in before you book as after the relaxation of the restrictions has expired we will go back to the tier system again.

Could you still get away this Christmas?

Many people are dying to get away, it may not even be that you want to go abroad just that you fancy a change of scenery. At the moment, when England is set to come out of lockdown many of us should be able to go and stay away overnight (depending on what tier you are in) but as the rules are changing almost daily it may not be wise to book anything yet unless you can cancel with no fees to pay.

Places such as Butlins are hoping to welcome people back from early December but it is likely tp be a very different experience to what you may have been used to if you have been before.

Why not just book a few days down by the cost where you can go for walks along the beach and curl up and watch a film in the evening? It may be that Scotland and Wales have different rules to the rest of England and therefore you may not be able to visit these countries even if you are allowed to travel.

If you cannot get away this year, then why not start to plan for next year. Although no one knows exactly what the situation will be there is no harm in planning.