Paris, a good start to a touring holiday in France

When you are trying to decide where to holiday in France you really are spoilt for choice. Each area or department has its own cultural and climatic differences and so whether you enjoy relaxing on a beach in the south of France or skiing in the north there is something for everyone.

One solution to the problem of deciding which area to visit is to go on a touring holiday around France. Ideally a three-week holiday will give you enough time to sample most of what France has to offer.

An excellent place to begin your tour is a visit to the capital city, Paris. There are many marvellous places to stay in Paris such as the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal which boasts elegant rooms and suites.

Whilst in Paris you will be able to visit the well-known landmarks of the Louvre, Notre Dame and of course the Eiffel tower. No visit to Paris would be complete without a boat trip on the Seine. You can buy a hop on hop off ticket which enables you to see the sights without having to travel through Paris by car or public transport.

When the sightseeing is done there is nothing better than sitting at one of the street cafes with your coffee watching the world go by.

Taking the family on holiday to Cornwall

Out of all the locations for a holiday in the United Kingdom probably one of the best destinations is Cornwall in the south of England.

The climate is often a few degrees warmer than counties further north and so a holiday outside the usual holiday season can be as enjoyable if not more so as there may be less tourists and accommodation is often more affordable.

Whether a holiday on one of the many caravan parks is for you or a stay in a friendly guest house is your preferred accommodation, Cornwall has the best on offer. If you are willing to stay inland a few miles the cost of your holiday can be greatly reduced. There are many farms that have accommodation on site giving younger members of your party the opportunity to see and interact with the farm animals. It may also be possible to sample some of the fresh produce from the farm a tasty treat for all the family.

The host of attractions on offer in Cornwall cater for all tastes and interests. Whether your party have always wanted to visit a tin mine, make their own pottery item or learn to surf the Cornish Riviera is the place for you.

Is a golfing holiday for you?

Golf is a very popular holiday for many men and women in the UK and there are also a lot fo children who like to play too. If this is a hobby of yours then it makes sense to include this hobbies when planning on a holiday. Golfing holidays are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Many friends, couples and families are choosing to take off on a golf holiday where they can relax, unwind and take in the scenery whilst also getting time to get involved in a sport they enjoy.

Golfing holidays can be done all over the world but there are some places that are famous for golfing holidays such as the Algarve or Tenerife. Golfing holidays to these locations do not have to cost a fortune. If you are looking for something a little more exclusive, then why not try Morocco. You can easily get a direct flight from many parts of the UK to Morocco and with the added bonus of the all year-round sunshine. Marrakech is the most popular Golf destination in Morocco but there are many more that are waiting to be explored.

Why not try a weekend golfing holiday first to see if you enjoy it before booking a two week vacation.

Take your time when it comes to packing for your holiday

Lots of people look forward to holidays but not so many of us enjoy packing for a holiday.

When packing for a holiday abroad it can be very easy to get a bit overzealous and end up taking too much. All airlines have a luggage restriction meaning each passenger is allocated a luggage allowance. This allowance varies from company to company and depending on your ticket. If you exceed this allowance, then you will have to pay an additional charge, and this can be quite a lot.

Not only may you incur additional charges from the airline, but you should also consider how you are going to move your luggage about when arriving at the airport and travelling to your destination. If you have a lot of luggage and have four people in a taxi you may simply not have enough room for all your luggage as well so you will need to pay for an additional taxi or possible a minibus / 7-seater.

If possible do not pack items that you can easily pick up for a similar price when arriving at your location and do not get carried away with buying presents, as if you were close to luggage allowance on the way over, the chances are you will be over when you return and have to pay the excess baggage charge.

Turning your hobby into an adventure holiday

Some people have hobbies that include rock climbing, gorge walking and canoeing which can make for an excellent adventure day. But you may find that a day simply isn’t enough and you would like to make a holiday out of your hobby.

Adventure holidays are a great way to pack in lots of activities but still give you time to relax and unwind and explore your surroundings. Some activities you may want to do may require you to set off early in the morning or late at night. If you are only going for the day you may not feel at your best especially if you have had to travel a distance. Staying overnight will allow you to get a goodnights sleep and not have to spend hours in a car before you get to embark on your adventure.  Many adventure companies have accommodation either on site or nearby that can be booked as part of a package. Some companies have bunker houses which are similar to dorms, for those just looking for somewhere to get their head down or you may wish to book something a little more luxurious to really make it special. Weather often does play a part in these types of sports, so it may be worth booking during the summer months when the weather is often better.