Going on holiday to an attraction or theme park

If you are planning a trip to a theme park or amusement park then you may want to consider spending the night there too. Lots of attractions and theme parks offer overnight accommodation such as Alton Towers or Disney Land Paris. It is fantastic if you are able to stay over, as it means you do not have to worry about contending with traffic on the exit or the drive home and often many places offer a free return or cheaper 2 day pass allowing you to be able to break your visit up over the duration rather than having to try and fit it all in on one day. Some theme parks are simply too big to go round all in one day.

Unfortunately the cost of these types of resorts is often quite high, even after you take in to account the discount you may be offered on the park entry. Some people decide to do this as a main holiday of for a special occasion such as a birthday or something instead of just a normal day out.

Ideally you want to stay as close to the park as possible, but somewhere just outside to allow you to get a room at a lower price. If you can find a hotel or B and B then try to book as far in advance as possible to secure you the best deal. Some will be able to advise you of other places to go within the area should you want to spend your second day doing something else.


City breaks for adventure

When we think of an adventure holiday, our first thought might be to head for the great outdoors however, many cities in the UK have attractions that offer adventurous activities that all the family from the youngest to the oldest can get involved in. One such place is The Royal Armouries in Leeds.

The Armouries is a national museum of arms and armour and at first you may wonder whether the experience will be entertaining, but the variety and time span of the exhibits on show make this a surprisingly enjoyable visit.

Where the Armouries really comes into its own is the hands-on approach they have to many of the artefacts and the entertaining presentations they deliver, sword fighting being one of them.

For the youngest members of the family there is an area called the Jester’s Yard with soft play climbing blocks and the opportunity to dress up as a prince or princess.

Older children and adults can try their hand at firing a crossbow in the specially adapted firing range.

For many visitors, the most amazing exhibit is in the Oriental Gallery where the full-size elephant armour is displayed.

You can be certain that whether young or old the Royal Armouries will give you an adventurous day out in Leeds.

Choosing a camp site when going on holiday

If you are looking to go away for a holiday in a caravan in the UK then you have a wide range of campsites to choose from. Firstly you need to decide what sort of accommodation you want. If you are looking at renting a caravan then you will need to choose if you want a touring caravan or a static one. If you are looking for something spacious then a static caravan is often the best choice.

There are numerous places that you can find static caravans to hire such as on sites like Haven, private listings on Gumtree and Facebook or through an owners directory website.

When choosing your caravan make sure you look at the details for the camp site, find out what facilities are on site, how old the caravans are and where it is located. It may be that you want to be close to the sea side, which may mean you have to pay a higher price for your caravan stay.

Also check what is included in the price of the caravan hire. Some campsites charge a fee for entertainment passes to access the pool, play rooms, club house and on site entertainment. This can be an additional £15 or £20 per person, so it is well worth checking to see if this is included.


What’s the perfect children’s holiday?

When we are little our opinions of what is fun does not vary as much as when we are older. As a child even the simplest of things can be a great adventure and stay with us for a long time. Recent surveys have shown that a child would describe their perfect holiday as one where they have all their family and get to play in the sand.

We often over complicate things and assume that our family holidays need to be packed full of theme parks, exciting sightseeing, fun fairs and eating out, but for a child they are often happiest sitting on a beach, playing in the sand with an ice cream. Children don’t always need expensive trips out and action packed days, just a day with the people they love the most, having fun. Camping holidays are often a great adventure for children of all ages and makes memories that last a lifetime.

Next time you go to book a holiday for you and your family, why not ask your child what their perfect holiday would be, you may be surprised at their answer.



Holidays for children of varying ages

If you are trying to plan a family holiday and have children of different ages then you may struggle when it comes to choosing where to go and what activities to do. A three year old will have a different idea of fun to a thirteen year old and you want to be able to try and please both whilst still enjoying the holiday yourself.

If there are two adults going it may be that for one or two days of the holiday you do separate activities that each child will enjoy. You could also try and find activities that vary dependant on ages such as a rock climbing centre which has a toddler wall and a teenage wall.

Try and enjoy the simple pleasures. Research shows that the majority of children enjoy spending time on the beach when on holiday at varying ages. If your child is younger then they will most likely want to stay very close to you and have you join in with them, older children may be able to go a little further afield and explore rock pools or go for a paddle, knowing that you are still close by.

Holidays are often a rare break away from technology so lave the Ipads and DVD players at home and spend the time outdoors as much as you can.