Pony trekking – the perfect activity for a family holiday

Being on holiday with all the family it can be difficult to find activities that everyone can take part in. But what better way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings alongside your family than pony trekking?

Pony trekking is a great family activity that can be suitable for all, even beginners who have never ridden before. The trips are led by experienced riders who can help you and give you riding tips as well as give you the confidence to enjoy the trip.

The treks are all pre-planned and designed to take you around a safe route that is suitable for riding on and will allow you to see the best scenery on the way.

The activity usually lasts most the day and is great to follow up with a family picnic in the outdoors. Some of the courses also include a session where you can learn to care for the horses with things such as grooming lessons and riding training also.

All in all a great family day out as part of your holiday.



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