Should you go abroad now?

The Prime Minster has given the green light on holidays to a handful of countries that he deems are low risk. Not many of these places are popular holiday destinations so Brits are really limited on where they can and cannot go. Despite the UK’s strict policies on travel, some countries are not quite as firm and many have now said they will start allowing people from the UK back in without having to have tests or prove they have had the vaccine. The Prime Minister has asked people not to go to these places, but after being cooped up for more than 12 months it is not surprising that people are desperate to get away.

Currently countries on the amber list should only be travelled to in situations where there is an exceptionally good reason to such as for a medical procedure. Although the government has advised again travel to these areas, they cannot really enforce it.

If you are planning a trip to a country on the amber list you do need to check any restriction that may be in place and also what you need to do upon your return. You should also take the time to check through your insurance policy for the holiday and find out exactly what is and isn’t covered under it.


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