Take your time when it comes to packing for your holiday

Lots of people look forward to holidays but not so many of us enjoy packing for a holiday.

When packing for a holiday abroad it can be very easy to get a bit overzealous and end up taking too much. All airlines have a luggage restriction meaning each passenger is allocated a luggage allowance. This allowance varies from company to company and depending on your ticket. If you exceed this allowance, then you will have to pay an additional charge, and this can be quite a lot.

Not only may you incur additional charges from the airline, but you should also consider how you are going to move your luggage about when arriving at the airport and travelling to your destination. If you have a lot of luggage and have four people in a taxi you may simply not have enough room for all your luggage as well so you will need to pay for an additional taxi or possible a minibus / 7-seater.

If possible do not pack items that you can easily pick up for a similar price when arriving at your location and do not get carried away with buying presents, as if you were close to luggage allowance on the way over, the chances are you will be over when you return and have to pay the excess baggage charge.


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