The cost of a self catering holiday abroad

Many of us look forward to a good holiday in the sun, but the preparation for a holiday can be quite stressful and this starts immediately when looking where and when you want to go. If you have a short list of places that you want to go for have a look around and compare some prices. Try altering your dates, if possible by a week or two to see if that makes a massive difference to the price.  Once you find a place, If you haven’t been to that resort before, it is always recommended to read up on plenty of reviews to try and get a true idea of what you can expect.

There are a number of choices when it comes to holidays such as the board type. These usually consist of self-catering, half board, full board or all inclusive. Self-catering holidays are often the cheapest upfront but you do need to bear in mind that you will have to pay for all food and drinks as and when you have them.

You need to try and work out how much you are likely to spend on food and drink when you are away and if it may be worth going all inclusive instead. This option often works out best for families with children who may want a lot of snacks and drinks throughout the day.


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