Are you in need of a bargain family holiday?

Are you looking for that last minute deal that wont break the bank, or maybe you are happy to book in advance if it secures you a good price?

When looking for a holiday, many of us are driven by the price and what the payment options are for the holiday.

There are a number of ways in which you can book a holiday. You may decide to go in to a travel agency and book it that way or perhaps you book through an agency but online. You may even decide to use one of the many discount sites that offer really low cost holidays but often with many restrictions in place. If you do decide to book through a discount site you need to be sure that you read the small print carefully. Often the reason they can offer the holidays so cheap are is that it does not include flight extras such as baggage etc.  Also, you can normally only use these vouchers on specific dates which may fall outside of school holidays, which is not ideal if you are going on a family holiday.

Make sure when comparing prices of holidays through different tour operators that you are comparing like for like. Check that baggage allowance and transfers to and from the airport are the same.


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