Family holidays are needed more than ever

Throughout 2020 many holidays were cancelled I postponed due to Covid and the restrictions. There were brief moments when you were allowed to go on holiday but the advice was ever changing and those that went away often said that it was nothing like it usually was.

Holidays are important as they allow people to spend time together doing things they enjoy and away from the stresses of everyday life. It may be that in some families, holidays are one of the only times they all get to spend quality time together as with school, work and other commitments, it can be hard to have that otherwise.

At present we are in lockdown so unable to go ok holiday, but There is nothing stopping you booking a holiday for later on this year but you do need to be aware that with everything so uncertain, it is possible that it will have to be changed or cancelled again. Always ensure that you will be entitled to a refund should you not be able to move the holiday to another date.

Prices for holidays are likely to soar once things do open up so booking early may allow you to secure a lower price.


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