Where to holiday in the UK

If you are thinking of booking a holiday in the UK then you need to consider carefully where you are going to stay. The UK has some lovely beauty spots and fascinating locations but you may find that some are more suited to your type of holiday than others.

If you are looking to go in the summer and hope to have some nice weather then you are probably better aiming to go down south. Places such as Cornwall and Dorset are often the warmest seaside resorts as they are a little bit further down the country. Of course there are times when the weather is awful in the south but on average they tend to have warmer weather than the further north you go.

If you are not too concerned about the weather but rather the activities you can do then you may opt for a different location. Although Cornwall and Dorset are all very beautiful places and have plenty to do, they can get a little over crowded in the height of the summer and some people find them too commercialised. IF you enjoy walking and sight seeing then Wales or Scotland may be the perfect trip. Wales has some beautiful walks that can be done and some quaint little towns that you can explore.


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